The ERIC project was originally started in 2000, when the Seciton on Health Services Research and Outcomes started to develop a database of European ICUs. 'This further evelopment of this project was then due to methodological and technical problems postponed. The Executive Committee of the ESICM decided already more than a year ago that the creation of sucha database was of high priority for the society.

Since then an IT platform has been created and a lot of logistical work has been done to support a functioning registry. The point has now come to start collecting data and we hope that your unit will participate.  ESICM wishes to create ERIC to be a unique source of information on how Intensive Care Medicine actually is organised in Europe.

The data in ERIC contain contact information and a general description of each ICU. All units are given the opportunity to add to this minimal information more data on research, education/job possibilities and yearly statistics. This type of data is essential if we wish to enhance communication, research and education in “Greater Europe”.

We hope to have you all signing up to ERIC. Please, take some minutes to register your ICU in the ERIC database: Submit to the registry

Andrew Rhodes
Philipp Metnitz
Jean-Daniel Chiche
President Elect
Rui Moreno